[Unboxing] Ken Ga Kimi Artbook


I know I’ve disappeared for a while because I suddenly got my drawing gig back so I’ve been using all my time being intimate with the tablet pc. But…

Just a quick post because OMG this came in today!!! Cue gross sobbing

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Chronostacia [Unboxing]


I was in the middle of writing the Sona-Nyl review but Chronostacia arrived! Here’s both the Stellaset and Animate set. Pictures under the dive!

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Ourai no Gahkthun [Unboxing]

So for my next Steampunk endeavor I’m going to try Ourai no Ghakthun which is the 6th installment! God it’s hard getting the Steampunk series games these days especially the limited editions…sold out everywhere! I got the last copy on Amazon before the price rockets. XD

This game also had very good reviews, which is relieving because too many games drop in quality as the series goes on, but apparently that’s not the case here! I’ve a feeling I’ll love it just as I did Sona-Nyl. The hero and heroine look very interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing them together in moekyundoki moments (*´艸`*) Though what I gathered from reviews is that this is a giant robo battle game lol… I’m definitely getting the FD and the rest of the Steampunk series.

Sadly my DVD drive just busted on me and now it won’t read any DVDs…only CDs. I searched around for a solution but it’s apparently because the laser’s getting too old…which means I have to buy a new external drive or something, which means I probably won’t get to play until the weekend…  I guess it’s time to get a BD drive. @_@

Shiei no Sona-Nyl ~what a beautiful memories~ [General Review]

ImageOfficial Site

I finished playing this game last week but due to work I haven’t been able to write anything about it… I absolutely loved this game! It’s part of a series called the “Steampunk series” created by writer Sakurai Hikaru and Liar-Soft. Although it shares the same universe as other works in the series, each game is a stand-alone story. I’ve finished the PSP version, though the original version is an R18 PC game (which I shall play as well), loosely categorized as a galgame but people see it more as a visual novel with boobies. Anyhow! This is a preview and there are no spoilers, you can still try it if you’re interested!

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Updates from 2014 or rather an Ohsaka Ryota fangirl post

IMG_4400Look at everything that is Ohsaka Ryota

I noticed I haven’t posted since 2013! And it’s been 3 months already! In short, I’ve been really busy with real life and probably won’t get a break until Easter, yet I’m still feeding my monstrous otome game/drama CD/Seiyuu hobby, I fell in love with Ohsaka Ryota and the rest is self-explanatory _(:з」∠)_ Pictures and unboxings and whatnot under the cut.

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Ken ga Kimi [Game Review]

jacket_lOfficial Site

I’ve already written a preview on it so what follows are summaries for the routes and my overall thoughts. This game was well worth the wait! I loved all the characters even though I thought some of the scenario could be better. Nevertheless, some of the endings made me baaaaw like a baby. I don’t think I’ll be writing very detailed summaries because 1) don’t have the time and 2) it’s better to enjoy it for yourself. Onward!

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Hanasaku Mani Mani [Game Review]

hanamaniOfficial Website

Summary: Mochizuki Nao is just a typical high school girl except that she was brought up by her adoptive grandfather and doesn’t know her real parents. One day as she passes by a summer festival at a shrine on her way home from school, a big, beautiful peacock-like bird flew at her and made off with a precious hairpin that was supposedly her mother’s. As Nao chases after the bird the scenery around her changes and suddenly she finds herself on the streets of Edo-period Japan! Terrified and pursued by samurai due to her strange attire, Nao was saved by a man named Kurama, who had also picked up her hairpin. Kurama brings Nao to an “entertainment house” called Manjuuya and asks the people there to take care of her. Although technically a brothel, Manjuuya was different as the courtesans (Oiran) were not required to sell their bodies, but they entertain clients with conversation and performing arts. With nowhere else to go, Nao stays at Manjuuya and comes to learn about the arts of the Oiran, her true past, and the hidden purpose of Manjuuya itself.

More under the cut! If you want to read about the game without spoilers, I’ve marked the spoiler section so you can just skip that!

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Hanasaku Mani Mani [Unboxing]


The limited edition was in stock at the local game shop so I thought I’d get it as a Christmas present for myself 😛 (well, in that case every month is like a Christmas for me heh)

The game comes with a game OST, drama CD, and a booklet. More pictures under the cut.

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